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New Apple TV Beta, iOS 8 Beta 2 Lay Groundwork for Upcoming Family Sharing Feature

June 18, 2014

Alongside the second iOS 8 beta released earlier today, Apple also released a new version of the Apple TV software. The two updates appear to have laid the groundwork for Family Sharing, as there's a new section for "Family Purchases" in the iOS App Store's Purchased tab and a new iCloud Family setting for the Apple TV.

News Shooting Modes Are Brought into iOS 8 Camera App

June 16, 2014

The Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference has brought in exciting features to iOS 8. The most amazing feature is its camera app leveraging existing iPhone and iPad hardware by applying software tweaks. Apple opened the doors for developers to work hard to create and improve the camera apps. Earlier, an iOS camera of devices had limited specs, only allowing basic controls like flash, HDR, ISO boosting and other capabilities. It was also fully automated and there were not much experiments that could have been done on images.

Apple Allows First Bitcoin Wallet Back Its App Store

June 16, 2014

Apple had earlier this month announced that it will let software developers include virtual-currency transactions in their apps, which was expected to pave the way for new forms of money to appear on iPhones and iPads. Now, finally utilising the policy shift of the Cupertino-based giant, the first Bitcoin wallet app has been re-launched on the App Store, named Coin Pocket.

Apple Launches a New “Soccer Fever” Section

June 12, 2014

Apple has launched a new “Soccer Fever” section on the App Store, fittingly with June 12th marking the first day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The page has four app sections, including one for “Soccer Apps” (such as the official FIFA app itself), one for featured soccer-related games, a variety of typical social apps labeled as “Share the Fever,” and a plethora of apps for exploring the country of Brazil.

Apple Changes App Store Rules, Denying Apps for Incentivized Ads & Sharing

June 10, 2014

Apple is once again cracking down on applications that offer rewards to people for social sharing or video viewing. TechCrunch reports that some app developers are receiving rejection notices from Apple’s review team specifically noting their apps are encouraging users to share to Facebook excessively to receive hints or incentives like free game lives. It’s a practice that has been used for years, and even top games like Candy Crush encourage players to connect to Facebook to gain in-game rewards.

Apple announces CloudKit

June 9, 2014

Apple has announced CloudKit, a new way for developers to easily create cloud-connected apps. Apple takes responsibility for the server-side elements of apps. This leaves developers with a greatly simplified client-side development experience.

The Latest Apple Ad Focuses On Fitness Apps

June 5, 2014

Adding to its latest iPhone 5s TV ad campaign, Apple's most recent advertisement takes the tagline "You're more powerful than you think" more literally by featuring fitness-minded apps and accessories. The short spot shows off hardware like Misfit's Shine activity tracker and apps like weightlifting trainer Stronglifts set to the 1961 tune "Chicken Fat" by Robert Preston, which was created to as a governmental push to get kids in the U.S. active. The song came to be known as "The Youth Fitness Song."

Location-Based App Suggestions On Your Lock Screen In iOS 8 Delivered

June 4, 2014

Apple has a new feature in iOS 8 that will surface app suggestions on the bottom left screen of your locked iPhone depending on your location, according to developers posting to the MacRumors forums. These include apps already installed on a user’s device, but also suggestions from the App Store that haven’t yet been purchased or downloaded, too.

Apple App Get Some Improvements In Store

June 3, 2014

Apple says iOS users will be better able to search for and browse through categories and subcategories of apps.

Top Charts on iOS are Reduced to 150 Apps by Apple

May 29, 2014

Over the weekend, Apple made a change to its "Top Charts" section in the iOS App Store. Now, Apple is only featuring the Top 150 paid, free and top grossing applications, while previously it would show the top 300. Half the apps that previously relied on the Top Charts for discovery and download, will now have to be found via search or category.

Apple Removes The Weed-growing game From APP Store

May 28, 2014

Apple has pulled a marjiuana-centered game from the App Store after it had cracked the number-one spot in the charts, according to a report from Adweek on Wednesday. Apple did not specify why the game in question, Weed Firm, was removed, but it is possibly due to its content

Refunded Apple Apps Will No Longer Allowed To Be Updated Or Reinstalled

May 26, 2014

We’re not sure if it was a bug or a loophole in the iTunes App Store, but in the past, when an app was refunded and the user got their money back, they were still allowed to reinstall the app at a later time and even update it. Essentially this meant that you could technically buy a paid app, download it, install it, and ask for a refund, but continue to use it later anyway.

Apple Updates iTunes Connect App iOS 7 Redesign

May 16, 2014

Apple on Thursday unveiled a new revision to its developer-focused iTunes Connect app for iOS, sporting an all-new design and the ability to manage multimedia content in the iTunes Store and iBooks Store alongside apps on the App Store.

Apple's iOS 8 May Feature Split-Screen, Horizontal Multitasking On iPad

May 14, 2014

Split-screen multitasking could finally arrive for iPad with Apple’s iOS 8. The functionality will allow iPad users to run and interact with two apps at once, according to 9to5Mac.

Office For iPad Apps Have Racked Up 27M Downloads In 46 Days

May 13, 2014

In just over a month, Office for iPad has picked up another 15 million downloads of its applications. Microsoft reported 12 million downloads in early April, and 27 million today.

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