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Apple Has Paid $ 20 Billion To App Developers

July 23, 2014

iTunes Software and Services is the fastest growing Apple business segment this year. During Apple's quarterly conference call for the third fiscal quarter of 2014, CEO Tim Cook said iTunes software and services was the fastest growing segment of the company's business for the first nine months of the year. According to Cook, the "iTunes software and services" line includes both iTunes Music and the App Store, the latter of which saw extremely strong results for the three-month period ending in June.

Apple Reveals iOS 8 Beta 4 with New Tips

July 23, 2014

The iOS 8 update is up to Beta version 4, or build number 12A4331d. The over the air update was available to developers as well using the iOS Dev Center with a developer membership. Membership costs around $100. The fourth beta version is released just a couple of weeks after the third beta version was released on July 7, according to reports. Apple iOS users have reported what seems to be greater stability than previous versions.

Apple & IBM Alliance Expects To Bring You More Than 100 Apps

July 17, 2014

Apple and IBM once fought bitterly for the future of computers. Now the two tech behemoths are teaming up. On Tuesday afternoon, Apple and IBM announced a partnership to build enterprise apps designed exclusively for iPhones and iPads. The collaboration is expected to bring more than 100 apps with IBM providing the cloud services.

Apple May Be Forced to Abandon the Touch ID Name

July 16, 2014

Apple’s hope of securing the “Touch ID” trademark in the United States has hit a major roadblock. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has refused Apple’s January 2014 application, as another company already holds a trademark for “Kronos Touch ID.”

Apple Seeks ‘enthusiastic’ Retail Employees to Test OS X Photos App

July 15, 2014

Apple is seeking employees from its own retail stores who have shown in enthusiasm for photography to test the upcoming OS X Photos application and iCloud Photos feature, 9to5mac reports. Apple reached out to retail employees offering such a “career experience,” and here is the message to retail staff as provided by multiple retail employees: “We are seeking a technical and passionate photography enthusiast to join our Quality Assurance team working on Photos for OS X. You will be part of a fast moving team of specialists tasked with delivering the next generation of photography tools for Apple.”

Apple Ordered to Revise App Store Refund Policy, May Make Globe Changes

July 11, 2014

South Korea's Fair Trade Commission on Sunday ordered Apple and Google to make changes to their respective iOS and Android app stores policies in an effort to make post-purchase refunding more consumer-friendly. Under the new terms, Apple must send out notifications to App Store users each time the company updates its contract terms and conditions, while Google will need to set up a refund system based on developers' individual policies, reports The Korea Herald.

Apple Replaces Google Map With “Find My IPhone” Web Maps For Beta

July 10, 2014

Apple is beginning the transition to move its Maps application online starting with the Find My iPhone web app on its beta website, as noticed by Though the public version of is still pulling data from Google Maps, now uses an online version of Apple maps for its location information.

Health App M7 Coprocessor Steps Counting & Caffeine tracking in iOS 8 Beta 3

July 8, 2014

With the release of iOS 8 beta 3 on Monday, Apple continued to build out its forthcoming Health app with new features, including support for the iPhone 5s' M7 coprocessor and additional data collection categories.

Apple Admit a Calendar Bug in iOS 7.1.2, Fix Will Be Released Soon

July 7, 2014

Not too long ago, Apple released the iOS 7.1.2 update for iOS devices, which came with mostly bug fixes and enhancements. However, it also came with a few bugs, which shouldn’t be surprising. According to a new report, iOS 7.1.2 has some sort of a calendar bug which doesn’t list the correct holidays, even if the right region is selected.

Apple Confirms New Photo App

July 4, 2014

Although still far from its public debut, more and more information about the new Photos app for OS X is making its way to the public. Meant to be the successor to both iPhoto and now Aperture, Photos is said to create a more seamless photography workflow across OS X and iOS devices. And the latest news indicates that the OS X version of Photos will offer some potentially exciting features.

Journal App Day One Goes Free As Apple's App Of The Week

July 4, 2014

Day One, the award-winning journal app developed by Bloom Built, has just been featured by Apple as its free App of the Week on the App Store. We here at AppAdvice has been huge fans of Day One, which was recently updated with new Publish features, since its release in March 2011. And Apple basically echoes our positive sentiments about the universal iOS app in its App Store Notes.

Apple Expands Two-step Verification To Its Clouds

July 1, 2014

Apple is apparently rolling out its two-step authentication security feature to cover its iCloud Web app suite as well as Apple ID management and transaction authorization. Previously, access to was granted using only an Apple ID username and password combination.

Apple Improves the App Store Discoverability with “Best New Game Updates” Section

June 30, 2014

Last Thursday, Apple unveiled a slight tweak to its iOS App Store by breaking out notable game updates into a new "Best New Updates" section, exposing users to recent refreshes of top-selling titles.

Apple Kills Aperture to App, and Says New “Photos” App Will Replace It

June 30, 2014


We already saw At Bat make an appearance in USA Today’s demo of CarPlay during Apple’s WWDC

June 26, 2014

We already saw At Bat make an appearance in USA Today’s demo of CarPlay during Apple’s WWDC developer conference earlier this month, and Apple has updated its CarPlay microsite to include the baseball-dedicated app to its list of apps that support the feature. The app is expected to support streaming audio from baseball games for At Bat subscribers.

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