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News: eBay Exact Allows Users to Customize and Print 3D Items

July 12, 2013

eBay has launched a new app that allows users to order and customize a number of printed objects from companies like MakerBot, Sculpteo, and Hot Pop Factory.

Apple Trying to Resolve THX Patent Case, Lawyers Say

June 5, 2013

Apple Inc. is in talks to resolve a lawsuit brought by THX Ltd., the sound-engineering company founded by “Star Wars” producer George Lucas, alleging infringement of a patent for speaker technology used in iPhones, iPads and iMac products.

IPhone Urinalysis Draws First FDA Inquiry of Medical Apps

May 4, 2013

An iPhone application that lets users check levels of blood, protein and other substances in their urine is the first target of U.S. regulators seeking boundaries in a burgeoning industry for medical diagnosis on-the-go.

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