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How to Boost Your App Rank By Previews on Apple Store?

As we all know, developers can add up to 3 video previews on Apple Store to show users how good the app is. However, do you know how can you do it better? Apprb.com will share you some very helpful tips today. You can also get best app store optimization from us. But now, let's check the tips first. 

Previews autoplay on mute both on the product page and in search, which makes these video previews a strong on-metadata factor responsible for Conversion. They can be up to 30 seconds long and use footage of an app experience captured from a device. To convince the users to install your application in just 30 seconds, the video previews have to be really compelling and attractive and provide a clear visual explanation of content and features. Here are some tips on how to create a great app preview:

1. Show real experience – use footage captured on the device, and avoid overproducing the video. Eventually, what the users want to know is what to expect from your app.
2. Learn how to capture app footage and check Apple's format requirements for previews on this page.
3. Focus on the first video: the additional previews will be shown only to the users who already have iOS 12, the rest will only see the first one.
4. Make the first seconds of your video really compelling – try to catch user attention and convince them to watch the full preview.
5. Get your audience excited – showcase 3-5 best features.
6. Use copy to drive interest and provide explanation since your preview will be auto played on mute.
7. Don’t forget about localization – provide narration and copy for your previews on different languages.

Hope these tips about managing preview videos can help your app rank boosting a lot. There are more tips and news here for you. Feel free to visit at any time when you need ASO services!