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Dragon Quest Walk Gets $86 Million Revenue in First Month

Dragon Quest Walk is a new location-based AR game created by Square Enix. Although only gets released for one month, it has had the second-highest grossing launch month ever for an AR exploration game in Japan. Apprb.com will share the details for you today. What's more, best app rank boosting services are here for you as well. Now let's check out how Dragon Quest Walk can  make such a great success. 

According to Sensor Tower data, Dragon Quest Walk has been downloaded more than 1.7 million times across both the App Store and Google Play, generating an estimated $86 million in player spending since September 8.

While Dragon Quest Walk's launch month gross revenue is only 73 percent of the $118 million earned by Pokémon GO, its Japanese players have already proven more dedicated than those of Niantic's juggernaut, with an average of $51 spent per download compared to Pokémon GO's $12 per player.

Dragon Quest Walk's launch month revenue far outpaces other big-name competitors in the AR field—for instance, it's earned an impressive 89 times the amount generated by the third-highest grossing location-based title in Japan, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (also by Niantic), and Dragon Quest Walk's $86 million in Japan outstrips Wizards Unite's global first-month figure of $12 million.

Of course, it may also be that long-running Japanese-created properties such as Dragon Quest and Pokémon simply resonate more with their home market than Western properties. Likewise, with no current plans to launch in other markets, we have yet to see if Dragon Quest Walk's success will extend beyond Japan!

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