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Will New iPhone Impact Current ASO Rules?

Apple has announced that they are going to hold its next annual keynote event on Tuesday, September 10th. Before this event begins, Apprb.com will share some details with you first. And if you want to learn more app store optimization news and skills, stay tuned on our site is definitely the best choice!

iOS 13 was announced at WWDC 2019, but has not completed its rollout yet, so it is possible that Apple will complete its release soon. The beta releases have revealed important changes, such as:

- Removing the size restrictions for cellular downloads
- Cancelation prompts for subscription apps
- Location tracking settings
- Game controller support
- And other enhancements that can impact apps.

No doubt that developers have tested their apps with each new beta and prepared any necessary updates for the new operating system, to ensure that they can transition smoothly into iOS 13.  However, no matter what the announcements are, app developers will have to pay close attention. After all it impacts the app ecosystem every time Apple releases new hardware or software.

New devices often bring new screen sizes and specs, which developers will want to ensure their apps work well with. This will require new testing and updates to ensure the apps look good and run properly on the devices, as well as designing new creatives for the various screen sizes.

Additionally, new hardware and software releases have been known to impact keyword rankings. Keywords are typically volatile for around two weeks after a new release, as the App Store updates and users download apps to new devices.

Developers will want to monitor keyword movement around the time of new iOS and hardware releases. They may shift significantly at first before settling back down, but afterwards it's important to assess where the keywords land and update apps accordingly.

More details abut iOS 13 and App Store new changes will definitely get released on September 10. You can stay tuned on Apprb.com to learn more. And we always provide you best App store ASO services, tips and latest news!