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Facebook Approaches Media Giants for News Services!

According to the information Apprb.com knows, a new Facebook news service is around the corner. Facebook is now in talks with a number of media outlets ahead of a potential launch before the next year. With the news services, Facebook may get app installs, traffic and gross increase among all SNS apps.

By launching a news service, Facebook hopes to strengthen engagement levels on its network. By keeping users active on the service, Facebook should be able to strengthen its push for ad revenue on its flagship app. The company is currently enmeshed in a fierce competition for advertising dollars with Google. The two tech giants account for about 60% of total digital advertising revenue, according to eMarketer.

Facebook has long been lambasted for taking advertising revenue away from publishers and newspapers, contributing to the demise of local news. In the US around 1,800 local papers have closed or merged since 2004, whilst in the UK around 228 local titles closed between 2004 and 2018. This news service looks to be another way for Facebook to try and make up for the impact it has had on the media scene. 

To host full stories on Facebook, news outlets would have to agree on a revenue-sharing pact with the company. Most news outlets would likely be more open to sharing headlines on Facebook with links redirecting readers to their sites. Facebook is also proposing a licensing agreement that will allow it to gain access to news headlines for up to three years.

Although the news service of Facebook is upcoming, there are stilling lots of uncertain elements. We believe more details will be revealed, and Apprb.com will share the latest information with you! In addition, best App store ASO skills are here for you! Stay tuned for more!