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How to Promote Your Product With Search Function?

Search function is very useful and helpful if you are running e-commerce. If you are focused on the mobile market, then App store ASO can help you a lot. However, search function optimization will surprise you more if you are focused on website! Do you want to know what can search function do? Check the details with APPrb.com today. 

Provide Search Function on Your Site

There are lots of e-commerce website doesn't provide search function to their customers which will definitely give them a bad experience. Most customers don't have patience to find the item page by page, and they will just leave if they think you website isn't advance. Therefore, make search function for your customers! 

Make Search Box Easy to Find

Which one is worse? Don't have search box or make it hard to find? The answer is obvious! If you decide to make things easy and convenient for your customers, then make it conspicuous. Search box will be completely meaningless if you don't make it east to notice.

Offer Search Recommendations 

When your customers search something, give them recommendations. Show them the items with pictures and price. This can speed up purchase cycle and increase conversions. In addition, it suits customers' search habits.

Promote Products With Search Recommendations

When people search on your site, offer them the best match. Meanwhile that best match can also be your promotion items. For example, if someone search "Linguistics Book" on your site, and you are hoping to increase the sales of grammar books, then make "Grammar Book" your search recommendation. The promotion is based on customers' needs, therefore it's more acceptable. 

There are more ASO and e-commerce tips for you on APPrb.com. Stay tuned on our site if you want to learn more. We will always provide the best app store optimization service and latest information for you!