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Dr. Mario World Gets 5 Million Installs in First Week!

As Nintendo's fifth mobile game, Dr. Mario World's downloads surpassed 5 million worldwide in its first week. With 5 million installs, the revenue is already ahead of several top mobile puzzle titles in the same period following their launches. With proper app rank boosting, your app may bring you the same surprise!

According to the data, Dr. Mario world managed about 60 percent of the first week downloads of both Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, which saw 8.5 million and 8.4 million installs, respectively. It should be noted that Super Mario Run's figure is iOS-only as the game didn't launch on Google Play until later in 2016. Fire Emblem Heroes was available in 13 fewer markets than Dr. Mario World during its first week.

How Dr. Mario World's revenue stacks up with such a large amount of downloads? Let's check how did previous puzzle games do that. Toon Blast from Peak Games, which launched in 2017 and grossed approximately $325 million last year, saw just $90,000 in its first week. Meanwhile, King's latest Candy Crush title, Candy Crush Friends Saga, managed about $170,000 more than Dr. Mario World in its first seven days on the heels of significantly more pre-launch marketing and the franchise's formidable existing audience on mobile. That title has grossed more than $100 million to date worldwide.

Nintendo and co-developed LINE will no doubt be tuning Dr. Mario World's monetization mechanics in response to player engagement and feedback over the coming weeks. Of course we will update the latest information for you as well. If you are dreaming about creating a popular app like Nintendo, then try App store ASO first, Apprb will offer you the best services!