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How to Boost Your App Ranking Efficiently?

Every APP owner knows that boosting their app ranking is a very convenient way to get app installs. However, it's even more difficult for developers to boost app ranking after they selected keywords to target. Today, APPrb.com will introduce you some helpful tips. Check them out now!

Firstly, you should know that your keyword rankings are affected to the following factors, including: Click-through rate (CTR), Conversions and Relevance. When a user sees an app in search results and clicks on it, this signals to the App Store that it is relevant to the keyword the user searched for. Similarly, if they install the app, the App Store algorithm will know that users searching for the keyword find the app relevant for the term, which can improve its rankings for that keyword. These both tie in to the app's relevance to its keywords. The CTR and conversion rate say to the store "Users searched for this keyword, they saw this app and liked it, therefore the app should rank well for that keyword." While the actual algorithm is more complicated than that, this is a good way to simplify it.

Secondly, an app should be optimized to appeal to users. Visually engaging creative sets can entice users to click on the app, thus improving its CTR. If an app's creatives include callout text that emphasizes the keywords, users searching for those keywords may more immediately connect their search query with your app. From there, videos and screenshots that show off the app's functionality and a well-written description that demonstrates its value can encourage users to convert.

What's more, running Apple Search Ads can help improve keyword rankings. Search Ads can put the app at the top of search results for its targeted keywords, which gives it a chance to make good first impressions to users before its competition has a chance. Any clicks and conversions the app gains from its ad count towards its organic indexation, so you can improve your App Store keyword ranking through Search Ads campaigns.

Last but not least, to improve an app's keyword rankings, make sure you're targeting keywords that have value to your app in terms of relevance and search volume. After creating your metadata set, ensure that the app is optimized to engage with and convert users. With proper app store optimization, your app can rank high for a vast number of keywords and improving your chance at success. Stay tuned on APPrb.com for more latest ASO tips and news!