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Get Your App Installed With Helpful ASO Tips!

App rank boosting is always important for app owners. It's a very efficient way to make your app get more install. However, how can you boost your app easily? APPRB.com is very honored to share some helpful tips with you. Check them out now!

Better Keyword Combinations
The best keywords are the ones that have low difficulty and high traffic. However, if you are new in the market rank for low difficulty KW with low-mid traffic because you'd be the first one in searches for those words. To increase visibility combine generic keywords and create mid and long tail keywords. Remember that in iOS there is a specific field for keywords: don't use spaces and don't repeat keywords that you've already mentioned in your app name or subtitle.

Choose Right Category
Remember to study the market and select right categories in which you could get to higher positions. Don't put your app in the wrong category, it might affect your ranking. 

Take Care of User Ratings & Reviews
As we all know, user ratings and reviews have a lot of weight in Search ASO rankings? Well now that you know remember to answer to reviews: you can turn negative feedback into positive feedback- these have a great impact on Conversion Rates. Don't forget that keywords in reviews are important in Google Play and ask for feedback at good times. In iOS you can only do it 3 times per year so don't miss out your chances!

Use Better Visual Assets
Visual assets have a great impact on Conversion Rate so remember that they need to be eye-catching and unique. Your icon should be scalable and related to your brand. As for the screenshots, avoid welcome or unnecessary messages. Also don't forget to have a clear background if you are planning on including texts or short messages and above all, keep them vertical so they can be seen in all different devices. 

Try A/B testing Landscape screenshots (iOS only) because they could lead to a 45% lift in conversion from searches. Think of shocking images that highlight your key features and attention-grabbing messages! The feature graphic in Google Play is one of the most important visual assets because is the first thing users see. Therefore, strengthen your brand and include your values.

More useful ASO tips will be shared with you in Apprb.com. Stay tuned on our site for more information about App store ASO. We are also a professional site can provide you top app store optimization services when you are in need.With rich experience and top services, we will never let you down!