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Best SEO Tips To Make Your Videos More Visible

If you have some truly great content on YouTube and want to make your YouTube channel up and running, how should you do? Content marketing in attracting and retaining customers is important to your video. This is what nearly 3 in 5 of companies who engage in content marketing face, and it makes them question whether their investment in the video was truly worth it. Apprb will share the details with you.

As with websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics are crucial for video content. To get your videos ranked in the top few positions on both Google and YouTube, follow these several steps to ensure your videos are performing their very best and getting the views they deserve.

1. Choose the Right Target Keywords

Finding out what people are searching for and using those relevant keywords in your videos improves the chances of them showing at the top of search results. The more precise (read: niche) your keywords are, the less competition you’ll have to rank for them.

2. Use your Keywords Wisely

Once you’ve found the right long-tail keywords for your videos, use them wisely but liberally, in your video file names, titles, meta descriptions and transcripts, timestamps and overall summary, as this is the information search algorithms used to accurately determine the content relevance of your videos.

3. Create a Custom Thumbnail

An eye-catching, attractive thumbnail that shows up in search results could be the deciding factor for someone to click on your video.

4. Publish a Blog Post that Targets the Same Keyword

This is beneficial because both the post and the video can rank on Google. Embed the video in the blog post and link it to the blog in the video description. The more traffic you get to the blog post, the more views you can get for your video, and vice versa.

5. Encourage Audience Interaction

Include call-to-actions in your videos. Views, likes, comments and embeds are considered favourable audience interactions, making your videos more likely to show up in search results. Also, viewer feedback may help guide future content!

6. Promote your Video

Embed them on your website, share them on social media and use them in your newsletters or marketing emails – and basically, just spread the word. And, don’t be afraid to put budget behind key videos (with a clear objective, message, CTA and KPI, to ensure your success).

Hope these tips be useful for you. Also, app store optimization is very important to an app. If you want to boost your app rank and get more app downloads, please contact us. Apprb will never let you down!