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Scopely's Star Trek Fleet Command Earns More Than $10 Million Per Month

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence date shows that Scopely’s IP-based strategy title Star Trek Fleet Command has hit warp $10 million. The game is based on Paramount’s iconic sci-fi property, passed this significant monthly spending milestone in March, having grossed more than $40 million worldwide across the App Store and Google Play since launching at the end of November 2018. BTW, Apprb is offering best app store optimization service.

The title’s $10 million gross last month represents growth of 5 percent from February, when it saw player spending reach an estimated $9.5 million globally. Total installs of Star Trek Fleet Command have surpassed four million to date.

The United States accounts for close to 62 percent of spending in the title, or approximately $24.8 million. Germany is its second largest market with 10 percent of revenue to date, accounting for $4 million of the total.

Star Trek Fleet Command ranked No. 45 for U.S. player spending among all mobile games last month, placing it just ahead of Fox Next’s Marvel Strike Force.

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