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Best Practices to Increase App Downloads with ASO You Won’t Miss

To make an app rank highly in the App Store or Google Play Store, App Store Optimization plays a crucial role in the success of mobile apps, which helps improve your app’s ranking overall. Here apprb brings a few app optimization best practices to keep in mind before, during, and after the development of your app.

Adding your keywords to your title
Putting your primary keywords in your app title will help make it more discoverable. Keep in mind, your title should also reflect the value of the app. Think about your user personas and how people will search for your app. Depending on your category, it could be something as broad as “productivity” or “travel”.

Create a unique app icon
In order to effectively convey the differences between your app and a competitor’s, you have to get the user to select it and learn more. What makes your app stand out in the listing? Do a quick audit to see the colors and graphics that competitor apps are using, because chances are theirs will also rank in similar search results. However, it’s obviously important to keep your app icon on brand with your color choice.

Include app store screenshots
Give your potential users a sneak peek of what the app looks like with screenshots and even videos. Highlight your best features or the differentiators that make your app idea better. Show them the user experience they can expect if they download your app. This visual addition will significantly boost click-through rates (CTR).

Update your app frequently
The app store ranking algorithm does factor in how updated your app is. Plus, your users deserve fresh content. With continuous updates to the operating systems, your app will most likely need to be updated at least as often as these releases to function properly. Top-performing apps are constantly evolving, whether the updates include brand new features or just a quick bug fix. These apps also tend to be more relevant and drive more positive reviews from users. Be sure to keep this ongoing expense in mind when you’re budgeting for your app.

A unique combination of these app store ASO tips can go a long way in boosting your App Store and/or Google Play rankings. A word of advice, or three, never stop testing. Apprb will be the best place to offer ASO service, don’t miss our professional ASO site!