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3 Tips You Should Consider When Designing an App

Launching and designing an app is a key goal for many businesses. Having a distinct vision and idea for your app isn’t enough. User experience must be at the heart of all decisions made about your app and it must add value to your business, rather than just be an unnecessary extension of it. Below apprb will mainly look at three key planning areas you’ll need to go through to increase your chances of creating a successful and fit-for-purpose app.

What is your app for? 
Many apps are launched that users can be picky and discerning about whether they are worth downloading or not. Your app needs to fulfil a need in your target audience and have a genuine purpose and add value to the user’s device. There are many broad groups in which apps can fall.

Simplicity is vital to app design, look at projects such as: the Chinese social media app TikTok, reporting over 800 million users already despite only being around a few months. So keeping it simple and keeping your sole purpose in mind is essential for app success.

Knowing your audience
Who is going to use your app? Researching your target audience in depth is essential before any development begins. If you know your audience you can tailor your app to them, not the latest craze.

You can also explore what your competitors are doing and analyze their app itself as well as user reviews. As you identify failures in competitor’s apps, you can find new features to include in your own.

Test, Test and Test Again
The testing process of your app cannot be overlooked. In-depth testing can significantly improve the engagement and retention of your app and there are ways and means to test it. Some developers opt to hire experienced bug testers, which can be very effective as they mimic the behaviours of your target audience. Alternatively, you can recruit for testers through the same means as you would for market research surveys or similar.

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