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How To Make Users Willingly Write Reviews and Ratings for Your App?

As you see, many apps on the market ask users review their app, even if the user selects "No, thank you", it will appear again. In order to get good reviews, it is impolite to entangle the users, and nowadays it is more and more unacceptable. However, encouraging users to comment on the app is really important for developers. To make users willingly write reviews and ratings for your app, apprb will tell you the answer.

The Importance of User Reviews

User reviews for all types of apps play an important role in the successful downloading of apps: critical reviews can easily get new users; while bad reviews will reduce your app downloads. Therefore, it can be said that user comments also affect the success or failure of the app. 

For developers, getting user feedback is very important, and it can directly feed you back to the App’s audience performance. In addition, comments will be displayed directly in the app store interface, which plays a key role in the download and usage of the product. For users, the quality of the app can be visually determined through comments and ratings. If an app scores 4 stars or more, it is more likely to be favored by potential users.

So developers should pay more attention to user comments and ratings. Here we will share some of the ways to request user reviews and ratings. 

1. Pick the right time

Be sure to find the time when users are the least offended. Clear, a to-do app, is doing very well. Think more about the position and figure out when users will feel better about the app.

2. Incorporate comment invitations into user interaction

The pop-up window that suddenly appears has the problem of disturbing the normal task flow of the user. To avoid this problem, try incorporating the comment invitation into the user interaction experience. Comment invitations can be designed as menu content, built into the app. In this way, there is no "active interference" user, so it is worth recommending.

3. Invite users to comment outside of the App

You can also try adding a user comment invitation to the text description of the app update. This is more polite than a pop-up window, and if there is a new version, there will definitely be users who see and take the initiative to comment. Castro, a podcast app, did a very good job: it invited users to participate in comments in a low-key version of the updated version of the text description. In the end of the updated text description, politely and effectively invite users to comment. As for the App, don't let it appear.

4. Find opportunities to interact with users and understand their experience.

Many apps have built-in user feedback. The user feedback button allows the user to activate the mailing pop-up window. But if you take a little more care and take the initiative, you may do better. To let users give you praise, it is best to provide users with unique services. Take the initiative to chat with the user and understand the pain points. If it really helps the user, then it is logical to invite users to comment.

In fact, it is not a mistake to invite users to comment, but remember that your starting point is to give users a more friendly experience, rather than to be annoying. If users love your app, they are more likely to actively fill out user comments and share them with others around them. To boost your app search ranking and get app installs, please get in touch with us. Apprb will never let you down!