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How To Start Marketing an App and Make it Stand Out

Are you still looking for a professional App Store Optimization company? Every developer wants his app be successful: get a top rank and drive more downloads. But there are millions of app coming to the App Store, how can your app stand out? Today apprb will share a list of useful ASO tips with you, and we also offer best ASO service.

1. Brand Marketing
This might require you to reconsider your brand as a whole. What does your brand say about you? Brand marketing gives your company recognition while allowing customers to feel something about it. Brands aren’t just logos; they should evoke an emotion.That’s when the best relationships are built between a brand and its customers.

2. Do market research with your target audience
In doing extensive research ahead of starting your app development, you can pick the brains of potential users. This not only allows them to feel like they’re part of the project, but it also puts your app on their radar. The exact customer base you want to attract will get a sneak peek at your app concept, which they should be excited about. If they aren’t, you either need to shift gears or rethink your desired target audience.

3. Join the conversation
Find out what your users are curious about. Jump into question-and-answer forums, such as Quora, to answer questions from real users. Set up Google alerts for your company’s name and other related search queries. For example, if you have a travel app, you could set up alerts for “travel mistakes” or “where should I go on vacation next?” This allows you to not only stay on top of your public responses, but also gives you the opportunity to become a thought leader in your vertical by potentially solving problems for your customers.

4. Create blog post
This is your chance for true storytelling, and the best part is you own the story from start to finish. Highlight how your app solves a problem for the users, or create a series centered on the different features of your app. This also gives you a lot of square-footage to create specific CTAs for your various users.

5. Social Media
Create content specific to your app for your established social media pages. If you’re starting from scratch, it’s important to test and measure which social platforms are right for your business. Aside from including your app news in your feed posts, feature it in your banner images. Think of it as a social media billboard.

6. Put ads on social platforms
Social media ads give you the opportunity to reach an extended audience. Most of the major social media platforms have some form of paid advertising feature, such as Twitter ads. However, they all have different nuances, like placements or cost. For example, Twitter might be a great way to grow your customer base, but you get more engagement on Facebook. Again, try out the options on the platforms you think are appropriate for your app.

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