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Best Techniques to Rank Higher in App Store for A New App

A developer can build any app, but how to get higher rankings in the app store? As you see, there are lots of various apps coming to the App Store, so unless you are ranking above your competitors, no one will download your App. Just like the Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization is also extremely important. Follow Apptop25 to learn the best ASO techniques. 

The title of the App
Just like a web page, the primary keyword you’re targeting must be present in the title of the app; there are just no ifs or buts about it.

Description of the App
You need to describe what your app is about, and again, the primary keyword needs to appear naturally inside the description.

CTR Rates
When your app is ranking “anywhere” for a keyword, it ranks higher and gets more organic clicks. However, if it gets ignored, it moves further down the list. Therefore, make sure you are getting enough clicks on the apps from whatever it’s position might be to boost it up.

Deletion Frequency
Make sure your app doesn’t get deleted too often. If it doesn’t, it’s going to its doomsday because AppStore takes that quite seriously.
Updates: Well if you want to rank higher, or at least maintain your position, you can’t miss updates. Without updates, app store takes it as a “dead app”, and well that’s when it does die.

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