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Best Practices to Increase App Downloads with App Store Optimization

A research shows that mobile phone usage has surpassed desktop usage, with Americans spending more than three hours each day on their mobile devices, but only 2.2 hours each day on desktop computers or laptops. This data shows the reliance consumers place on their mobile devices. But 60 percent of mobile apps have never been downloaded. Apptop25 would like to share 3 top tips that can increase app downloads effectively.

Tip 1: Refer Your App To Relevant Users

According to the Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, users trust personal recommendations from people they know or authentic user reviews more than any form of advertising.

Therefore, by cultivating many reviews from various consumers and encouraging existing users to refer your app to their family and friends, you’ll mitigate the need for expensive advertising but still reach untapped audiences relevant to your business.

Tip 2. Optimize Your Mobile App Within Each App Store

Much like search engine optimization helps websites rank higher in search engine listings, mobile apps should be properly optimized to rank highly in app store listings. This will help brands automatically target their demographic and enable consumers to better discover and, thus, download an app.

Mobile apps that are posted on any app store should undergo App Store Optimization (ASO) with the help of a dedicated and experienced mobile app agency. 

Tip 3. Analyze Mobile App Performance, Then Optimize Accordingly

Encouraging users to download a mobile app is only part of the battle. Afterward, brands need to ensure that their app works properly and provides a strong user experience to ensure that consumers continue using the app regularly.

Brands should work with a reliable app design and development company to create an app that, first and foremost, works well and solves some sort of user problem. 

When brands understand how an app is performing, they can better optimize it to create an even more positive user experience, helpful features, effective functionalities and more - all of which will help to increase downloads.

We are very happy to share the useful ASO tips with you. If you want to boost your app and get more installs in the App Store, our app store ASO serivce will be your best choice! Please contact us if you need.