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Chinese Books APP Ximalaya FM Ranks No.1 on the App Store

With the rise of mobile terminal reading, the competition in the domestic book app market is intensifying. According to the list of best-selling books in the past week, the Ximalaya FM is the first place in the top chart of China. Apptop25 as a professional App Store Optimization company would like to share the latest news with you.

In 2017, the scale of China Mobile Reading market rose steadily to 13.22 billion yuan, an increase of 32.1% compared with the same period last year. At present, the market competition pattern in the mobile reading industry tends to be stable. 

Nowadays, people are busy dealing with heavy work and complicated interpersonal relationships, but suddenly find that we have unconsciously diminished reading. Fragmented reading exists in the environment where people come and go, in the subway, on the bus, in the dining... People have very little time to calm down and read a good book. The book APP happens to capture the working status and time allocation of most people. 

Therefore, the book app provides a variety of essential interpretations, in video, audio, graphic and other forms, to help those who do not have time to read and do not know which books to read, absorb the essence of 50 books per year. This will not only allow more users to understand the core of a book more quickly, but also greatly improve reading efficiency, and promote users' deep absorption and reading of good books.

According to data from the past week, the Ximalaya FM also successfully climbed to the top with their downloads (iOS), with the exclusive title of “The Sound”. The Ximalaya FM is the only popular male and most popular female voting platform in the second season of "the Sound"; during the broadcast of the program, the Ximalaya FM will open the National Dubbing Challenge, and users can participate in the star dubbing clips of Pick. In addition, the Ximalaya FM opened up the "the Sound" program area, and users who participated in the voting and dubbing challenge can directly interact with the "the Sound"  if they are outstanding, and directly realize the interaction between online users and TV programs. The title has indeed achieved very good results.

After updating the content and entrance to "the Sound" on February 9th, the Ximalaya performed well in terms of download volume, with more than 3 million downloads in the past month. Want to increase your app search ranking and drive more app downloads? Apptop25 is definitely your best choice. Contact us now!