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Chinese Game Publishers’ Revenue Reached a Higher Level in Overseas Markets

According to App Annie's previous Mobile Market Report 2019, games accounted for 74% of app store user spending in 2018, has become the main force of the mobile economy. In 2019, mobile games will account for 60% of user spending, up 35% from 2013. Among them, China, the United States and Japan are the main markets for mobile game users'expenditure. Want to make your app stand out and get app installs? Apptop25 will be your wisest choice! 

In this environment, Chinese game publishers have performed more brilliantly in overseas markets. Among them, the total download volume of game applications in 2018 was about 3.2 billion times, a year-on-year increase of 39%; total user spending was about 6.1 billion US dollars (about 40.8 billion yuan), an increase of 49%. The overall growth rate is higher than the growth level of the global mobile game industry.

The App Store is still the most profitable software platform in the world. Compared with Google Play, App Store rules are clearer and the mechanism is more perfect, especially under the direct management of Apple, developers can rest assured that their software will be put into the platform for commercialization. But in fact, iOS software has no second platform to be available in addition to the App Store. This closed ecology is the root cause of the App Store's profitability.

The latest report from the market research organization CIRP shows that the loyalty of iOS users has reached 91%, which is a record high. It is estimated that the industry revenue will reach $156.5 billion by 2022. With the improvement of consumer rules in major markets and the awareness of consumer copyright awareness, the App Store is expected to bring more lucrative returns to developers.

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