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Apptop25: Will Generation Z Shape the Future of Commerce?

Generation Z is the demographic cohort after the Millennials. Most of Generation Z have used the Internet since a young age and are comfortable with technology and social media. So, will Gen Z shape the future of commerce? And if you need top app rank boosting service, our team will be your best choice.

Some studies show that 96% of Gen Z already own a smartphone. They use smartphones in every aspect of their lives: to communicate, shop, bank, consume news, and more. The report found that Gen Z engages more on average with their most used non-gaming apps than those aged 25 and older. Specifically, Gen Z spends 20% more time and engages with their most-used apps 30% more often than the rest of the population. In other words, apps that attract Gen Z can expect higher usage and engagement rates from this group. However, this goes both ways. Businesses who fail to leverage a streamlined user experience and deliver substantial value in their app are poised to lose out with this generation. In a time when brand loyalty is increasingly fragmented, capturing a lifetime customer through mobile is paramount.

Mobile is a not only crucial for any business hoping to attract this demographic, it's crucial for any business that wants to survive long term. Furthermore, businesses need to be savvy about how they engage with Gen Z. Gen Z is smarter than previous generations on smartphones. Native advertising or influencer marketing could be less effective on Gen Z than it was on say, Baby Boomers. Mobile is an appendage to their person and Gen Zers can sniff out inauthenticness.

Clearly, Gen Z is a mature demographic group - likely due to the early exposure they’ve had to mobile. They’ve selected apps they like the most and will correspondingly spend more time in these than other demographic groups. On the gaming front, though, it’s the opposite: older age groups spend 75% more time each month in their most used games and access them 50% more often than Gen Z.

As Gen Z continues to come into their own and take over market share, the members of this group may favor the companies that are honest, authentic and engage effectively through video. But they’re certain to favor those that are mobile-first. Don't miss Apptop25 if you need app store optimization services and app store optimization guides. We won't let you down!