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How To Attract More Traffic to Your Site With App Store SEO

How search engine optimization (SEO) attracts more traffic to your site? Most people think of SEO in only one dimension—as it applies to Google web search. As we know, App store SEO is the process of making your app rank higher in search results within these app stores for relevant keyword searches, and making sure your app is considered relevant for the right searches. This article will introduce you to the basics of app store SEO.

App Names and Categories
It may be helpful to include at least one keyword within the name of your app that’s relevant to the function of your app to capitalize on basic keyword searches. For example, a keyword-optimized name for a diet tracker app might be something like “My Diet Tracker” – while it doesn’t have catchy brand name appeal, it’s easy to remember and will instantly have a leg-up on competing apps because of its keyword relevance. After settling on an app name, you’ll need to choose a category, which will help your app be listed and categorized appropriately. Apple has an awesome guide on this subject.

Keywords and Description Text
Just like in traditional SEO, you’ll need to do some research to find what keywords your audience is using to search for the kind of app you offer. Use market research and competitive data to generate a list of keywords to target, and include them in your app description (while striving for both accuracy and natural language to avoid the appearance of keyword stuffing). You’ll also want to mark your app with formally designated keywords or “tags,” indicating what your app is to be used for.

Images and Videos
App store isn’t just about getting more people to see your app—it’s about getting them to see the full scope of your app once they tap on it to display more information, which will lead to more downloads. To get more downloads, you’ll want to include multiple high-resolution screenshots, images, and videos showcasing how the app is used. Keep these concise, but make sure to show off the most impressive elements of the overall app experience.

Feedback and Reviews
The more ratings and reviews you have, and the more positive they are, the higher your app is going to rank. Encourage your app users to leave feedback, and pay close attention to what people are saying. If there’s an element causing people to leave bad feedback, correct it right away. It’s going to be tough to get an initial base of reviews, so work with your users to earn a more consistent stream of feedback.

Regular Updates
It’s also important to update your app regularly, to remain in compliance with operating system standards, introduce new features, and remain secure. It looks good to the app stores that will be ranking you, and shows users how dedicated you are to creating the best overall user experience.

Off-site Promotion
Since you’ll need more downloads, ratings, and reviews to move up the ladder of the app store, it may be in your best interest to promote your app off-site. That could include, but isn’t limited to, building a standalone website, engaging in content marketing, social media marketing, traditional SEO, PPC ads, and banner ads on other apps or websites.

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