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App Store SEO: Best Five Ways to Optimize Category Pages

Category pages and browse grids are important to optimize because they target the keywords that consumers search for. But the optimization process can be difficult since the pages tend to have the least content. Here Apprb as a professional App Store SEO site would like to share some ways to optimize category pages.

By adding features that increase engagement and conversion, optimizing the accompanying text, and adding some well-placed body copy, your category pages will better communicate their relevance to search engines to attract more shoppers.

Make Headings Relevant
Starting at the top, optimize the heading tags. Make sure that the default headings from your ecommerce platform are as optimal as possible. This will likely require working with developers for changes. Alternatively, you may be able to change them yourself, to override those defaults in your platform or content management system with optimal versions.

Include Textual Content
This is the one that designers and brand advocates like the least — the dreaded body copy. Notice how DSW has worked in two sections of body copy: a shorter one at the top and a longer one that caters more to search engine optimization at the bottom. This is brilliant. It avoids the appearance of the text being spam copy just for search engines by placing a small amount at the top in plain sight. But it also leaves open the possibility of having longer text at the bottom where it doesn’t push down the commerce section of the page. Body content doesn’t have to be paragraphs long. In fact, longer blocks of copy that don’t add value detract from a page’s ability to rank.

Use Featured Content
Features within your category pages always contain text. They advertise sales items or loyalty programs or other messaging that you want shoppers to absorb. Use every feature to your SEO advantage by optimizing that text.

First, make sure that it’s plain text, floated over a background image, rather than embedded in the image itself. While visual search has come a long way, it’s not yet included web search algorithms.

Make Link Text Relevant
“Click here.” “More information.” These are poor anchor texts — meaningless to search engines. Using vague language as link text misses a fantastic opportunity to increase the relevance on this page, as well as on the page that the link points to.

Put Navigation to Work
Navigation and filters play an interesting role in content optimization. On the one hand, their primary purpose is to aid shoppers in finding and purchasing products. But they also play a critical role in the indexation, authority, and relevance of each page. Including specifically relevant words in the navigation and filters will benefit your natural search.

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