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How to Optimize Your App Keywords for the App Store

It’s important to do all you can to maximize the chances of people finding your app in the crowd app store. Selecting the correct app store keywords is a crucial part of App Store Optimization ASO. The article shows five tips to help you with your keyword planning and give you the best chance of your app being discovered via searches.

Obey the Guidelines

Before you start, you should familiarize yourself with the guidelines both Apple and Google make clear regarding listings for their stores. The guidelines Apple and Google set have many similarities, and both companies strongly advise against grey / black hat optimization techniques, particularly involving excessive “stuffing” of keywords into app names and descriptions. 

Broadly speaking, there are no big “tricks” you can employ here – algorithms are generally sophisticated enough to reward those who do good research and optimise their listings whilst obeying the guidelines.

Do Research

Research is the key: Learn how many people are searching for those keywords; Ascertain what the competition is like for each.

Choose which subset of your app store keywords is most likely to bring you traffic.
As with traditional SEO, the idea is to find keywords where there’s a healthy level of search traffic AND a low enough level of competition to stand a chance.

Find your niche

With so many apps in the marketplace, yours needs to be different enough to throw up some keywords that hone in on where the app is unique. These will end up being the search terms that lead people to your app rather than your competition. ASO tools can help you find new keyword inspiration, but it bears repeating that a USP for your app that you can play into some of your chosen keywords is crucial too.

Consider localization

This may not apply to all apps, but if the intended audience spans different countries and languages, you can make use of localization to give you more space for descriptions and keywords – one set per language. Investing time in professional translations of descriptions and keywords can pay dividends if you think it’s likely people could search for the app using keywords in other languages.

Test different app store keywords

App store optimization isn’t a one-off task. It’s vital to continually monitor both your and your competitors’ apps to see how you are ranking for various keywords, as these rankings will never remain static for long at all.

App store ranking algorithms will always be something of a mystery, but many factors will play a part, from reviews to uninstall rates, to the authority of incoming links to your app. It’s a good idea to do some A/B testing on the app listing – to try out possible keyword variations.

Picking the right app store keywords is not so hard. Keeping practicing and testing, you’ll soon be able to get your apps found in no time. Want app store ASO service to boost your app rank and increase app downloads? Don’t hesitate to choose Apprb, professional ASO company and top service are the reason why you should choose us. Please contact us now!
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