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5 Effective Ways To Increase Your App Downloads

Encouraging users to download your app must be effective, so it should meet the positioning criteria of Apple and Google, which are quite different in the way that they approach optimization. Here Apprb will share five effective ways to increase your app downloads.

Keyword Optimization
Once you have decided on the keywords with the highest “downloader intent,” start introducing your keywords in the title tags and description. However, be careful not to over-optimize these fields, as Apple has often punished the overuse of keywords. Favor a short title, with the main keyword to generate traffic so that the application is easily identifiable by Apple.

High-Quality Visuals
Visuals of your application reassure the users and influence their decision to download the app. First, create an alluring icon that captures attention. Use a neat, trendy graphic with beautiful colors and do not overload it with text; the image should reflect what the application does and be functional — show how the app is used. Remember to add screenshots. The integration of a small video is also useful to illustrate what your application does.

Comments and Ratings
User ratings and comments are crucial for evaluating the sustainability of your application on application platforms. Thus, good ratings guarantee good positioning while bad ones (below 4) indicate that your application is not good enough for the average user, limiting the number of downloads.

A good trick to dodge bad reviews and ask users to give 5-star rankings is to send constructive and helpful replies to comments of users that are presenting a problem in the app. You should also seek reviews and opinions from your customers, collaborators, followers and ask for honest ratings right after you launch your app in app stores. With the first roll of positive comments, the rankings of the application will rapidly rise.

Promote Your Application
Paid advertising campaigns, offered by Google, will be useful to promote your application on social media, Google, and other apps, which in turn will boost the download rate. 

Update Regularly
The frequency of updates is a determining factor for Apple. Indeed, applications that perform regular updates are more reliable in the eyes of Apple. As a result, they are better indexed. This good practice can also serve as a reminder to users who use the application very little and could delete the app. If these techniques are well optimized, you boost the visibility of the application, which positively affects the number of downloads of your product.

Ultimately, the success of an app in app stores depends largely on the quality, usefulness, and likability of the app. One must delve deep to understand what benefits the app is bringing for the user. Keep in mind that bigger visibility, more downloads, and satisfying conversion rates convert to more cash flow, and this is the reason why an app store optimization is an option worth considering. 

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