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How To Do Seasonal SEO for Your Business

If you are already using App Store SEO tactics, you should know that it’s important to understand who your audience is and what they search for online when looking for your product or service. With that knowledge, you can create content to answer all of their queries in the most comprehensive way possible. Apprb would like to share the detailed seasonal SEO tips with you.  

There are keywords that will be searched year-round, and those are important, as they make the foundation for your long-term strategy. However, the second layer of SEO, which can help you get even more in tune with your audience, involves understanding how searches change throughout the year. Here’s some steps you can check out as below.

Identify Seasonal Shopper Intents

The first step, as in any SEO campaign, is to perform keyword research. What does your audience search for during the season you are targeting? When building your list, remember that long-tail keywords work best and local search tactics can help you better target specific areas.

Get Your Timing Right

Along with knowing what keywords to target and how to target them through content, you’ll need to map out your publishing schedule. So whip out the calendar and take note of when people start searching for particular terms. It’s very important to publish content at the right time -- when your audience is searching for it. Then, you need to adjust your focus as the search intent changes.

Cover All of Your Online Properties

Once you have your content plan in place, follow it according to the schedule. Create content, publish it at the right time and share it across all of your channels -- from social media to email. And don’t forget to optimize your website for the season. Update the layout for the holidays, create new landing pages and customize your calls to action.

Time To Get into the Holiday Spirit

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s already time to start the seasonal SEO engine. If you haven’t thought about it yet, you still have time to get your strategy together. While it is a new focus, you don’t have to entirely change what you are doing with your year-round SEO. It’s more about putting an additional, strategic twist on it. Plus, the great part is that each year, when the season rolls around again, you can build on the previous seasons to improve your rank. However, keep in mind for the future that the earlier you start your planning, the better.

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