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Apprb: How Does Google Rank the Websites?

As you know, Google is the dominant search engine, and what we can do now is to follow the simple steps that Google uses to rank the websites. Today Apprb would like to share the details with you. By the way, if you need ASO service, our company will be your best partner.

There is an algorithm that acts on more than 200 factors to rank the website. Although Google doesn’t reveal the factors and the algorithm itself, professional SEO consultants can point out few of the most important factors: 

Keyword Usage
Keywords are what make the magic happen. You write down a specific keyword in the search bar and get the results. The first thing professional SEO consultants advise the newbies to do is to grab a good Keyword search tool.

Get real specific when you’re trying to include the keywords in your content. General keywords won’t do good for you. For example, if you want people to come to your website that has a lot of delicious cake recipes, don’t use the keyword ‘cake recipe’. Instead, use the keyword ‘chocolate cake recipe with cream’, or ‘easy chocolate cake recipe’, ‘25 minute strawberry cake recipe’ and many more. You need to get more specific. Almost every bakery and recipe platform will have the word cake in its’ content. You need to be more competitive with the keywords. 

Site Speed
User experience is what matters the most. Google won’t rank your website one of the best if they think that your site speed is too low. Google guarantees the audience to deliver the most user-friendly content. 

Site structure
There is nothing more disturbing than a poorly built website. People don’t just get lost in the streets. You can also lose yourself trying to find the desired page on a poorly-structured website. Websites are more appealing to the eye if they are simple. There’s no need to apply complex illustrations. What works the most, is one page (scroll-down) content. 

Time Spent on the Site
New websites are hard to evaluate by this category, but old websites are best ranked if the time spent on the site is high. Search engines evaluate your pages by the preferences of the audience too. 

Mobile Usability
It’s getting harder to find people who don’t use smartphones or phone-like tablets nowadays. Every single website creation job requires for a designer to build a mobile-friendly website.

The Number and the Quality of Inbound Links
We already discussed the inbound links, but it still needs to be stressed. Inbound links are what makes the search engine algorithms think that the audience likes your content. Keep working on that! 

To be on the first page of Google search results, your web-page should be ranked the best by all 200 + factors. This process never stops. Google is constantly updating the information. That’s why I mentioned the changes. Your ability to adapt to these changes will appear in the search results.  

Remember, changing and modifying an already existing website to be more attractive to a search engine is hard. Some people prefer to write a new website. If you keep track of the changes, your page might survive and keep the title of the first. 

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