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Best Guide of How to Fix Your SEO Conundrums

When you do accidentally take a wrong step, how can you do? As we know, search engine optimization (SEO) is at the very least a part of the daily vocabulary and it likely makes up a large whack of your strategy and budget. Even for the savviest of marketers, it can meet with its challenges and complexities. Apprb as a professional App Store SEO website would like to share the best guide of how to fix your SEO conundrums with you.

1. Pick keywords incorrectly
You or your clients may assume that a certain vocabulary describes the site you are trying to rank, but it’s worth checking whether these words are the correct and most widely-used ones by the demographic that you are looking to target. It’s imperative that when choosing your keywords that you put yourself in the searcher’s shoes and consider what your target audience would be looking for. If you find yourself agonising over which keywords to choose, tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner and SEMrush can help you decipher which terms may work for you.

2. Overlook keywords in the URL
While some overlook the importance of using keywords in the URL, it is a basic component of SEO. Inner pages are often ranked more frequently for chosen search terms over home pages, so adding key terms into the URL itself will likely help to bolster your homepage and inner pages up the rankings.

3. Seek external links
You can’t get the most from SEO without building a portfolio of high-ranking external do-follow links from other sites. The best way to go about this task is to produce content that these sites might be interested in covering or publishing themselves, providing they will link back as a credit. This content could be a tool, an infographic or long-form article that you’ve hosted somewhere on your site. If the content is intriguing enough, the hook is strong and the angle is relevant to the third party's agenda, you will have a high chance of generating do-follow links back to your content on high DA news sites.

4. Stay relevant
It can be tempting to start writing about something completely unrelated to your core mission. Be warned, though, that straying too far from your keywords can ultimately hurt your SEO mission. Google looks for content that is going to answer a user’s needs; if you fail to focus your feature or article on answering these needs, that content will not rank highly for your search terms.

Although SEO has been a focus for many the past few years, it’s still a fairly new and exciting topic that changes regularly. Everyone is learning together so don’t panic, mistakes will likely be made along the way and can be fixed if you follow the right guides.

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