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Apprb: How To Acquire and Retain High-value Users

To make your app stand out in a crowded marketplace, you requires savvy mobile app marketing. Because users can only install apps if they know about their existence. And they will only continue to engage with them if the apps meet their expectations. would like to share best app store aso guide with you. Here are five mobile app marketing strategies to help you increase your app search ranking and acquire high-value users. 

Maximize App Store Visibility

Consider whether your app is currently optimized for peak visibility inside the iOS App Store and Google Play? Many mobile users first encounter apps browsing app store search results. It’s imperative to make sure your app ranks well.

Pivoting to Video

There’s been a lot of talk of “pivoting to video” within the last year regarding content in general. Promotional videos for apps allow marketers to immerse mobile users in the world of apps more completely than screenshots do, making them a valuable tool for user acquisition.

Drive Engagement with Dynamic Ads

It’s great to envision mobile users finding your app organically and installing it. But the other half of the equation is continually connecting with quality users via paid acquisition campaigns to drive meaningful engagement. People respond more favorably to personalized ads over generic ones. So, the latest machine-learning technology automatically assembles ads on the spot by drawing on user data to populate ad templates.

Boost Retention

The fact of the matter is approximately one-fifth of mobile users abandon an app after a single use. Getting users to install an app is no guarantee they’ll engage with it further, which makes retention absolutely vital for monetization. Tracking retention metrics like retention rate, churn rate, install-to-action rate and customer lifetime value is the only way to optimize marketing efforts to boost retention.

Prompt Users to Re-Engage

Some customers disengage with an app because they have no more use for it. But others simply become distracted. Sometimes a targeted reminder is all someone needs to pick up where they left off on engaging with an app. Serving dynamic retargeting ads aims to pull dormant users back into the funnel. Sending personalized push notifications can also prompt users to re-engage.

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