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Apptop25: Increase Website Traffic with Five Strategies

Driving traffic to website is very important to higher conversions and increased revenue. Do you want to make your app or website stand out in App Store or Google search? Today apptop25 will introduce some useful app store seo tips to help you drive more traffics and get more download. Now here are five strategies that you can increase website traffic as below.

1. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging on other websites achieves several goals. Firstly, it adds a boost of PR and improves your credibility as an expert in your industry and the public space. It increases brand awareness and exposes your company to new potential customers. And, as a little bonus, it does increase SEO rankings through its links back to your site (although it still isn't the point of this article ...).

2. Social Media
Social media is an ever-growing market for online businesses. After all, according to Sprout Social, social media directly influences 74 percent of consumers' buying decisions. Various social media platforms can act as both a brand builder, which will influence long-term brand loyalty and traffic, as well as immediate click-throughs and traffic.

3.Email Marketing
Although there's some discrepancy as to the exact return on investment email marketing provides, sources all agree that it's one of the most useful marketing tools and provides a high return on investment. Brands can promote products, services or even content marketing initiatives with a simple email blast or newsletter.

4. Integrate video content.
Video is an extremely effective yet underused form of content marketing. Although many businesses focus on blogs and Instagram followers, for example, video initiatives receive high numbers of shares and views. According to HubSpot's State of Video Marketing report, 76 percent of marketers say that video content has increased traffic to their website.

5. Advertise online.
While organic, non-paid strategies that drive traffic are every brand's dream, sometimes, you just can't beat advertising. Luckily, we've moved past the days of billboards and Mad Men campaigns. Instead, look to unique advertising tactics such as retargeting and remarketing.

Although search engine optimization is effective and all businesses with an online presence should invest in it, SEO isn't the end-all, be-all when it comes to driving traffic to a professional website. By investing in social media, guest blog posts, regular email marketing, video content and digital advertising, you'll be sure to increase site traffic without the outright competition that comes with SEO keywords.

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