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Apptop25: Best Practices for Writing Meta and Descriptions

Want to know how to write meta and descriptions? Today Apptop25 will show you the best practices of it. Also, if you need App store ASO service, please come to the professional ASO website - Apptop25.com.

1.How to figure out what your customers are searching for when it comes to a specific product?

In general, it helps to do some keyword research first, and have an idea of how people search for the words. You can use Google’s Keyword Explorer tool for this, or a third-party site like BuzzSumo or Answer the Public (different purposes).

The best way to know for sure is to do some sample searches and see what other sites that are ranked in the top 10 are doing. Note that you may see some false positives here because the area is competitive, so don’t just copy what high ranking sites are doing without considering if they’re going against guidelines to do it. They will eventually get in trouble for it.

2.Should I be including my keyword at the beginning of product descriptions and meta descriptions?

No. This is old school thinking. The keyword should be in the title and the H1 heading, but beyond that, just make it useful and readable. When I search for this product on Google, my blog page with directions to melt candy coatings comes up on the first page of Google but my product category page does not. What’s the best way to utilize this?

Think about the intention of the query. If someone is searching for “candy melts”, Google may be interpreting that as “how does candy melt” or “how do I use candy melts” or “what temperature does candy melt at”. Chances are that the keyword you’re ranking for has more of a “how to” intention than a direct purchase intention. If that’s the case, just make the blog post helpful (which you obviously already have) and include the opportunity to buy (link to a buy page) the candy on the page.

3.Any tips on writing meta descriptions? Should price be included? How do I decide on what’s the best info to include? 

Look at your competitors and see how you can stand out with your description. If you have the best price or if everyone else includes price, include it. If you offer free shipping, include that. The meta description is your Google ad. Make it compelling so that people will click through it.

Keep in mind that Google does not consider your meta description as a ranking factor, but because it is your “ad”, it can significantly impact click-through rate from the SERPs. Always think about what would help your customers the most. Particularly in a mobile environment, more functionality on a page rather than needing to load separate pages is almost always better. Consider your customers before you consider search engines and you will generally come out ahead. 

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