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What Details You Should Know About Color Game App?

Recently, a Max Planck research group has released a new app that introduces a new way to study language evolution. Read the following contents for more details. Besides that, you can also get professional app rank boosting services here. 

The Color Game app uses colors and symbols to study the evolution of language. Created by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Germany, the app is looking to uncover clues to an age-old question — how did human communication evolve? Unfortunately, we aren't advanced enough to hop in our time machines and watch it happen, but we are advanced enough to request the help of citizens and their smartphones. 

The app aims to gamify language learning by asking players to communicate specific colors to each other using only a series of black and white symbols. Essentially, the game allows players to create their own language to communicate, and their processes will be recorded for scientific research.

The way it works is, one player is presented with a target color, say green. They attempt to communicate to the other player the color green without using any words. Instead, they use a set of black and white symbols that come with the game to communicate the color. The symbols themselves have no associations with color, yet the associations can be made. It sounds a bit more confusing than it actually is, watch a video below to see how it works.

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