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Do You Allow Your Kids to Play Plastic Surgery Game Apps?

Recently, a kid game named Beauty Clinic Plastic Surgery is controversial. Many parents say this game send wrong message to children. Do you allow your kids to play plastic surgery game apps? And if you don't know more about this game, you can read the following contents for more details. BTW, top app rank boosting service also available here. 

The character is part of an Android game by Bravo Kids Media called “Beauty Clinic Plastic Surgery” — one of many game apps targeted by a petition calling for Apple, Google and to remove or make the apps less appealing to children. Some of the games are explicitly made for children as young as 8 and have drawn scrutiny from parents and researchers uncomfortable with apps that make light of medical procedures for the sake of beauty. Children can simulate procedures such as liposuction, nose jobs, lip fillers and double-eyelid surgery using such apps. They are directed at children, featuring bright colors and cartoon characters. 

There are several problems with games that promote cosmetic surgery as part of a makeover routine, said Sharon Haywood of Endangered Bodies’ Argentina chapter. For one, they promote the idea that someone's body is a “thing to be fixed.”  Worse, she said, is that the surgery element is treated so lightly. “This equates makeup and hair changes with serious procedures,” she said.

Cosmetic surgery apps don't crack the charts of the most popular apps or the highest-grossing, according to a search on the website of App Annie, an apps analytics firm. But the games' very presence is cause for concern, Haywood said. Research has shown there is reason to be concerned about the effect that games, even seemingly harmless ones, have on children.

Some of the body image advocates said they don't necessarily want the tech titans to ban all surgery apps. For instance, apps that allow players to fix a character's leg after an accident would be fine, Haywood said. But at the very least, the companies should do a better job of warning potential consumers about the content. 

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