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Have You Tried Uber's New App?

Uber launched a new app for drivers today. The hope with the redesign is to make it easier for drivers to access the information they need the most. More details available in the following contents. BTW, you can also get professional app rank boosting service here.

Most Uber passengers are unlikely to notice the change, but the app, and the fanfare with which Uber is announcing it, is meant to be yet another step toward repairing the relationship between Uber and the millions of people around the world who drive for the app.

While the new app does include some new features — more transparent earnings information, pings to notify drivers about a nearby surge — the company is highlighting the app as evidence of its recommitment to listening to drivers and incorporating their needs and ideas on its platform.

Uber's pivot to being a more driver-friendly platform started about a year ago, when the company, still under former CEO Travis Kalanick's leadership, announced the “180 Days of Change,” a six-month commitment to improving the driver experience. Drivers finally got the tipping functionality they had long been clamoring for, among many other features and initiatives.

The announcement of the new app included a video of Khosrowshahi testing it as a driver on the streets of San Francisco; in it, he misses turns and is confused by the app as he ferries Uber employees around the city.

Now, Uber will record the drivers GPS and once the driver regains connectivity, Uber will be able to make any appropriate adjustments. This is all part of Uber's 180 days of change, which aims to make amends for the wrongs the company has done in the past.

Uber is initially launching the new driver app in Los Angeles and Atlanta, and nine or 10 cities in other countries. The hope with the gradual rollout is that Uber will be able to see if the app produces any ripple effects in the marketplace.

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