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How to Explore An Entire World of Wildlife by WWF Free Rivers App

Recently, WWF Free Rivers app show its new feature at Apple's Education event in Chicago. It can put a virtual landscape on any flat surface. Get more details in the following contents. Besides that, professional app rank boosting service also available here. 

By simply pointing your camera at a flat surface, you're able to explore an entire world of wildlife, people, and rivers. After downloading the app, getting started is super simple. All you have to do is find a flat surface that's well-lit in order for the program to recognize where you're placing the landscape. The entire scene then appears on the table and you’re able to zoom in, move around, and learn all about nature.

As you discover all the elements, you can tap on each one to get more information. This includes anything from the actual bodies of water to the different animals and people. You’re able to follow along the “water's journey” as you follow the story through your smartphone.

The interface is easy to navigate by swiping around and tapping on whatever you'd like. Whenever you want to learn about a specific element, a small bubble will appear that provides you with a brief description. By zooming in and moving your smartphone, you can explore all sides of the landscape.

With each scene, you'll have a various amount of things to see — for instance, I had eight different parts that I could go through before completing the entire run. At the bottom of the app, there's a counter that that keeps track of how many you've found throughout your time on the app. Once you’re done learning about a specific part, simply tap the check mark and the counter will go up.

I think many parents won't keep their children from downloading WWF Free Rivers app. Because it is educational, do you think so? Keep your eyes here for the latest app news. BTW, we can also offer you top app store optimization guides and services to boost your app rank. Contact us now! 
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