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Apple Watch Users Can't Enjoy The Instagram App Any More

Big NEWS! Apple watch users can't enjoy the Instagram app any more. Want to know the reason? Read the following parts for more details. BTW, we not only offer you the latest app news, but also offer the professional app store optimization services and guides that can boost your app rank

According to some report we can know, Apple began requiring developers to build native Apple Watch apps for the wearable platform in any future updates from April 1. And some are just ditching full Watch support altogether. 

The Verge can confirm that the version 39.0 update to the iPhone client, which comes with a changelog simply stating “general bug fixes and performance improvements,” removes the Watch app altogether.

Instagram announced its Apple Watch app was built using the watchOS 1 SDK and since Apple obsoleted the software development kit over the weekend, it put an end to its app. Instagram could have chosen to rebuild the app for watchOS 4, but it has ultimately decided to just terminate support for the wearable.

Some report said that this is likely because of a new restriction that Apple is enforcing. As of April 1st, updates to Apple Watch apps must use the watchOS 2 SDK or later, while new Watch apps have to be built with the watchOS 4 SDK. Instagram's app dates back to the days of WatchKit 1.0, when third-party software wasn't able to run natively on the watch itself; it never got features like video support or the ability to work over an LTE connection.

Actually, for Instagram, the issue is likely a new requirement put in place by Apple: watchOS app updates must be native starting this week which means we'll likely see a lot of older Apple Watch apps disappear with future iPhone app updates starting now. Instagram for Apple Watch was built during the original cycle of WatchKit 1.0 apps where functionality relied completely on the paired iPhone.

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