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YouTube Becomes Top Grossing iphone App in U.S For The First Time

According to data from Sensor Tower, we can know YouTube becomes top grossing iphone app in U.S for the first time since it was released 8 years ago. Read more in the following contents. BTW, you can also get app store optimization services to boost your app rank.

YouTube had previously hit number 3 in the charts, but has never become the top grossing app on iOS. Apple removed the Top Grossing chart from its App Store app in iOS 11, but analytics firms like Sensor Tower still have access to such data. Sensor Tower says YouTube grossed approximately $14 million in February of 2018, a 133 percent year-over-year increase from last year. In March, YouTube has already earned $12 million, with iOS revenue up 150 percent year-over-year.

YouTube has become the number one top grossing app on the iOS App Store as of yesterday. The app has been slowly making its way up the charts over the past few years, but what really pushed it to the top is the platform's YouTube Red video subscription. In fact, a month after YouTube Red launched in 2015, the YouTube client for iOS jumped to number 6 in the top grossing list.

The app has been climbing up the Top Grossing charts for years, however, thanks to the launch of YouTube Red in-app subscriptions in fall 2015. In fact, YouTube Red's arrival almost immediately pushed the app into the Top Grossing charts. The month after Red’s launch, the YouTube iPhone app jumped all the way up to No. 6, we noted at the time. It was then estimated to be bringing in more than $100,000 per day — and perhaps as high as $300,000, excluding iPad. Aside from YouTube Red, YouTube's revenue growth also comes from the rise of cord-cutting and its YouTube TV service, the return of unlimited mobile data, the push for live streaming from creators, and much more.

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