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How Does Vero App Shake The Social Media App Marketing?

Modern life is filled with various kinds of social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And recently, a new app named Vero has attracted our attention. Read the following contents for more details. BTW, you can get professional app store optimization services and guides that can increase your app rank here. 

Vero endorses claims like this that it doesn't use algorithms to target users. Notably, it also doesn't use traditional advertising, relying instead on a to-be-launched subscription model. Vero also charges merchants when they sell products with a “buy now” feature.

With many people justifiably obsessed with their personal privacy online, Vero says it only collects a user's phone number, name, and email for registration reasons, and then app usage stats. It's different from Instagram in that you can share more than just photos. You can also share links, music, movies/TV, books and places. And unlike Instagram's algorithm, Vero's feed shows up in chronological order. Just like the other social media platforms, you can follow your friends, brands and verified celebrity users. The appeal of Vero seems to stem from the fact that the company promises to not track data and that it will keep the app ad-free.

Vero also markets itself as a palate cleanser to Facebook, which has seen its reputation dented and dinged after scandals over Russian political disruptors and persistent theories that Facebook is secretly listening to users for advertising purposes.  

Will Vero replace Instagram? Actually, different people have different opinions. Please share your views with us. Keep your eyes here and you can get the latest app news. Besides that, we can also be your first choice if you need top app rank boosting service. Contact us now!  
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