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Redesign Your Instagram Grid Freely with Mosaic

Most Instagram users are young people, and they all want to be different. Both special photo and contents are necessary. And if you want to redesign your Instagram Grid without the commitment, Mosaic app must be useful. Read the following contents for more details. BTW, our professional app store optimization services can be useful to boost your app rank

Mosaic, available for iOS and Android, uses artificial intelligence and image recognition algorithms to apply “smart themes” to your Instagram feed. Using the different themes, you can organize your photos and then preview how it will look on your feed before you officially post them. You can also manually edit specific photos straight through the app.

The app is simple to use and doesn't require too much navigation. Once you download it, you'll be able to search through your photos and pick which ones you want to use. You can then tap through the available filters to change the color of each photo simultaneously.

Within each theme, there's a few customization options with a variety of different filters, depending on which one you choose. With the black and white theme, you're able to pick from filters like “Neutral,” “Vintage,” and “Light.” There's also the option to increase and decrease the intensity.

Once you're satisfied with the filters, you can then preview how it will look on your Instagram feed. After logging into your account, your main feed will show up with the addition of the new photos you've chosen. Unfortunately, you can't change the theme of the photos that already exist on your Instagram, unless you import them again through Mosaic.

If you want to edit a specific photo, you can do so by tapping on it and then selecting the pencil tool at the bottom. This will bring you to an array of editing tools ranging from lighting and saturation, to cropping, and more. Once you're satisfied, you can tap the check mark in the right-hand corner and it'll place the photo back to its spot.

Thanks to Instagram's archive feature, it's become acceptable to hide photos or even delete them. So if you want to start completely from scratch and start applying a new aesthetic, it's an easy app to do so with. 

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