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Google Featured Its GIF-making Android App with AR Objects

According to the Google's Research Blog, we can know Google brings AR stickers to Android phones through its Motion Stills app. Read the following parts for more details. BTW, our professional ASO team can offer you top app store optimization guides and services to boost your app rank

The company has released a new version of Motion Stills for Android that brings AR objects to your animated GIFs and videos. You can add chickens, dinosaurs and other objects to any horizontal surface in your shot, whether it's your hand, a plant or a table. And importantly, you don't have to be finicky when capturing your footage to make the result seem 'natural' -- it's using instant motion tracking tech that avoids the jarring visual anomalies you sometimes get in AR.

The feature was first introduced exclusively on the Google Pixel 2 late last year, and added the ability to insert AR versions of characters from Star Wars and Stranger Things directly into pictures and videos. The Motion Stills version is less advanced, and doesn't use the company's ARCore platform.

Instead, Google takes advantage of a device's existing accelerometers and gyroscopes to achieve a similar effect, “sticking” a virtual object on a flat plane (like a table or a hand) and tracking the location of the device to accurately show the object. For a more detailed description of what's going on from a technical perspective, check out the Research Blog's post here.

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