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Telegram & Telegram X Messaging Apps Not Available in App Store

Many people notice Telegram & Telegram X Messaging Apps disappear from App Store. Users can't get any official explain until now. What happens? Read more details in the following contents. BTW, our app store optimization services and guides can be useful to boost your app rank

Telegram's removal from the App Store was first noted in a Redditthread, where users speculated that it could be somehow related to a major update Telegram announced today for Android. It doesn't make a lot of sense as to why the Telegram iOS apps would be removed in conjunction with an Android announcement, but it's worth noting that the two events seemingly happened within the same hour.

Talking about the iOS app mystery, a Reddit user on Thursday noticed that both Telegram apps have "disappeared from iOS app store." While the post hints towards the incident being related to the Telegram X for Android announcement, no link has yet been revealed between them. A comment on the thread, however, apparently provides an official statement from Telegram support - "This is not intended. Hopefully it will be resolved quickly. Both versions should come back soon." We shall update as and when the apps return to the App Store.

However, Telegram X for Android app was announced on Wednesday. The Telegram X app on Android supports a new bubble-free mode for chats. This mode allows messages and photos to take up more screen real estate. The app also lets users tap and hold on chats to preview content without opening them. Apart from that, the app comes with several swiping actions - swipe left and right to switch between Chats and Calls, and swipe right on any message to open the forwarding menu.

Many users are waiting for the official announcement. Stay tuned more news here. And never miss our top app rank boosting service if you want to boost app downloads. Contact us for more details. 
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