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WhatsApp is Now Supported on Apple's CarPlay

WhatsApp adds CarPlay app for messaging whilst driving, and it is the first major third-party messaging app to support Apple's CarPlay. More details available in the following contents. Besides that, your app rank can be increased fast and safely with professional app store optimization services here.

Recently, WhatsApp users are finding a new icon app appear when they connect to CarPlay. A WhatsApp icon and basic on-screen app interface are now part of the CarPlay experience, beyond what was already offered by WhatsApp's SiriKit integration.

According to iCulture, the only real difference between the WhatsApp implementation and Apple's own iMessage app is that WhatsApp lacks the ability to scroll through a list of message threads.

You can't browse a list of conversations, but you can tap on the icon to start sending a new message using dictation. Notifications from WhatsApp also appear in the CarPlay UI and users can tap to listen and respond.

The CarPlay app for WhatsApp will be badged with the number of new unread messages. Notifications appear onscreen with the name of the sender; users can tap to hear Siri speak the contents of the message. WhatsApp also appears in the multitasking bar in the CarPlay sidebar, in the slot for messaging and phone apps. This allows users to quickly switch between tasks whilst driving.

CarPlay launched with support for audio apps. It also added integration for VoIP apps for calls on the go not through the native Phone app. In iOS 10, Apple added the ability for messaging apps to participate in CarPlay.

Currently, WhatsApp new update only available on iOS devices. Stay tuned more app news here. And never miss our top app rank boosting service to get more benefits from mobile app marketing. Contact us now! 
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