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Miitomo Won't Available on Your Mobile After May 9th

Nintendo announced Miitomo would be shut down on May 9th. Why does Nintendo decide to kill its first freemium social networking mobile app? Read the following contents for more details. BTW, we can be your best choice if you need professional app rank boosting service. 

Miitomo was the first offering in a joint venture between Nintendo and Japanese mobile company DeNA, and might have represented something of an experiment: its first attempt at a free-to-play app on systems other than its own handhelds, its first dabbling with microtransactions, and the first game to feature Nintendo's replacement for the outgoing Club Nintendo. 

Following its launch in Japan, Miitomo soon arrived in the US. A month later, it appeared that the game's initial poor reception, which caused both Nintendo's and developer DeNA's shares to fall, hadn't affected its popularity. A survey showed that Miitomo had 4 million monthly active users who spent around 8 minutes a day in the free app, which was bringing in $40,000 of daily revenue from in-game purchases.

But players soon got bored of the game's limited appeal and started to drift away. Nintendo hasn't said why it decided to kill the app, but dwindling user numbers are likely to have been a major factor. Nintendo will no longer sell in-game currency and after 9 May the app will completely cease to function. 

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