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Snapchat Users Can Share Stories Outside Its App

GOOD NEWS! Snapchat will now allow you to share and watch videos outside its app. The change could help expose a broader set of people to the kinds of videos that appear on the app, potentially increasing downloads or teaching others what works. The company has reported several quarters of disappointing user growth. Read more details in the following parts. BTW, you can also get app store optimization guides and services here to boost your app rank

Snap is taking a new tactical approach: It's making it possible to share some types of Snapchat Stories beyond the app itself. You'll be able to hold down a tile on any public Story and send it to someone in a text, an email, or even through other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. ("Public stories" include those from Snapchat's verified users, like celebrities and sports teams; those featured in the curated Our Stories section, which shows a selection of Snaps from the community at large; and those discovered through search.) 

The company hopes that by moving some Snapchat content beyond the fortressed walls of the Snapchat app, it can attract new users and give its content greater longevity. But it's also a signal that the Story Wars are only just beginning, and Snapchat isn't ready to throw up a white flag just yet.

The change also could make Snapchat stories easier to embed in news stories and publishers’websites. Easy sharing and embedding helped make Google's YouTube the leading online video site, and Twitter a common source of news commentary. If Snapchat wants a bigger audience, it's likely realizing it must break out of the confines of its mobile app and embrace the web in a similar way. The company currently is not planning to run ads on the web content, but isn't ruling out the possibility, according to a spokeswoman.

As far, this new feature only be available in the latest version. And the Snapchat has been redesigning the app to separate media content from friends’posts. Keep your eyes here for more related news. And we can also offer you top app rank boosting service. You deserve the best ASO services here! 
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