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Haven App Can Protect Your Android Device by An Extra Android Phone

When you enjoy the convenient life with the smart phone, your personal data easily leak by internet at the same time. Don't worry, your data can be protected by an app named Haven, which uses built-in smartphone technology to detect when something is going awry. More details available in the following contents. Besides that, you can also get professional app store optimization guides and services to get your app rank into top 1 of app store. 

According to the official announcement, we can know Haven from Edward Snowden and The Guardian Project makes it possible for an extra Android phone to monitor physical objects and spaces. Haven uses the various sensors on your phone, such as its cameras, microphones, and accelerometer, to detect motion, sounds, light changes, and anything else that it picks up in the physical world. When something gets the app's attention, it sends encrypted alerts to the owner.

Haven only saves images and sounds when it detects motion or volume, and everything is stored locally on your device, so you don't have to worry about it being sent to a cloud server. The app will send notifications to users via SMS message or the encrypted messaging app Signal once its sensors are triggered.

Currently, Haven app only available on Android device. Maybe the iOS version will come soon. However, iPhone users can still use Haven as it exists now. iPhone users can use an Android burner phone to send encrypted notifications through the Signal app for iOS, and logs can also be accessed remotely by using the Orbot app and Tor Onion Service feature found in Haven.

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