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iOS Users Can Pre-order Apps in App Store Now

Apple announces App Store has a new feature, which can let iOS users pre-order apps. Read the following contents for more details. BTW, as the best app rank boosting service site, can offer you top free app store optimization guides. 

The pre-order feature is listed in a new iTunes Connect Resource and Help document, which was discovered this afternoon by MacStories. The document says that developers are able to "make new apps available for pre-order on all Apple platforms."

A developer will now be able to put their app in the App Store up to 90 days in advance of its release, rather than only being able to publish their app when it's ready to launch. Once it's up, customers will be able to choose to preorder it and have the app delivered when it's ready. The feature is available on all iterations of the App Store, so iOS, macOS, and even tvOS apps can all be offered for preorder.

Developers can offer both free and paid preorders. If the price changes during the preorder period, customers will be charged whichever is lower: the price they preordered it at, or the price at launch. They won't be charged until the app downloads.

While it won't be useful for every app, there are a lot that do get announced in advance, particularly games. If a developer is trying to draw attention to their new app, it's a huge help to be able to point people to where they can actually get it — and let people buy it ahead of time so that they don't forget.

Actually, Google has offered a similar feature for a couple years now, allowing customers to “pre-register” for an app release. That feature only notifies customers when an app is available, though — it doesn't let them lock in a pre-order price and have it automatically download.

Whatever, we should admit the pre-order feature is useful. Stay tuned more app news at Besides that, our app store optimization services can get your app rank into top 1 of app store fast and safely. Our professional team won't let you down! 
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