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What Do You Think About ‘Hide the Notch’ App for iPhone X

Did you buy an iPhone X? If so, what do you think about ‘Hide the Notch’ app for iPhone X? According to the official announcement, we can know many iOS developers want to get rid of the notch. Read the following contents for more details. Besides that, you can also get top app store optimization services that can boost your app rank.

Without doubt, all the iPhone X users are enjoying its new design and software changes, especially Face ID function. However, There are others who are still not so cool with the wide notchthat the company has added to their most expensive iPhone yet. And hearing all those complaints, Apple has allowed users to install apps that can hide the notch. By this we don't mean that the notch will magically disappear from your phone and give you extra, edge to edge display. But it only means that developers can shrink the screen from the top. 

You can 'hide' the notch on your iPhone X directly by 'Hide the Notch’ app without jail broken. The app is available on the App Store for free for all users, and the way that it works is simple. The app helps you select your wallpaper and adds an additional black strip in the exact dimensions of your iPhone X top bezel. Alternatively, you can even try out 'Notch Remover: Hide the notch', another free app.

There are multiple apps that are turning up on the App Store that allow you to customise the wallpapers too. 'Notched' allows you add a colorful boundary to your wallpapers that curves around the notch to make it users believe that the wallpaper was custom made for the iPhone X.

What's your comment on ‘Hide the Notch’app? Write the feedback to share your views with us. BTW, professional app rank boosting service also available here. Contact us now!
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