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‘Mosaic’ App Android Version Available Now

GOOD NEWS! Steven Soderbergh's ‘Mosaic’ App available at Android now! Maybe someone don't know what ‘Mosaic’ is. If so, you can get the answer after reading the following contents. BTW, as the best app store optimization services site, can get your app rank into top 1 of app store. 

Actually, HBO had released the iOS version earlier this month. “Mosaic” is scheduled to debut as a six-part series on HBO in January. The six-hour plot centers around a murder mystery, and allows users of the app to slowly piece together who killed the victim. “Mosaic” stars Sharon Stone as well as Garrett Hedlund and Frederick Weller, and has been developed by Soderbergh and former Universal Pictures head Casey Silver as well as “Men in Black” writer Ed Solomon.

The app offers users a branched narrative, giving them a chance to choose their own adventure and select different characters to follow. Altogether, the app offers viewers 15 chapters, which have to be unlocked step-by-step.

Throughout the story, viewers can also discover additional clues, including emails, police reports, newspaper articles and more. The app offers a total of 24 of those “discoveries” throughout the story. The technology for the “Mosaic” app was developed by PodOp, a New York-based startup that aims to reinvent story-telling through close collaborations with filmmakers like Soderbergh. The startup wants to bring “Mosaic” to the web next, and is already working on two additional shows slash app experiences with Soderbergh. 

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