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Streaming Games by 'Mixer Create' Broadcasting App

Attention! 'Mixer Create' Broadcasting App available on mobile device now. This app can make mobile streaming much easier and help the company take on Twitch. Keep on reading for the latest news. And you can also get some top free app store optimization guides here to boost your app rank.  

Mixer Create works with any Android game, but iPhone users will find that only certain titles – those that support ReplayKit – can be streamed. Alternatively, you can simply broadcast a camera-only stream, if you just want to vlog.

While that might not sound like a big deal, the delay is actually quite annoying. For instance, I often stream Telltale games on our Twitch channel, and I want to get the viewers involved in the choices I have to make. However, I can't do it because of the latency. In addition to the low latency streams, Mixer Create also lets you combine your stream with up to three other mobile, PC, or Xbox One streamers into a single viewing experience, which should be fun for multiplayer games.

On top of streaming, you can use Mixer Create to interact with viewers via the chat service, much as you can with Mixer on Xbox One or PC. You can also use a feature called "Chat Companion" to reply to questions or comments while you stream from a PC or Xbox One console.

There are some limitations: You can co-stream with a friend when you're on mobile, but you can't send invitations, only accept them -- send functionality is limited to PCs or Xbox Ones. However, Microsoft says that "in the coming months, you'll also be able to initiate Co-Stream invites," too. It's aiming to make other change, and tells creators that "feedback is critical."

Both iOS and android users can enjoy this app now. If you want to know the latest mobile app industry development trends, remember to keep you eyes here. BTW, we also offer top app rank boosting service. Contact us now! 
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