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iOS & Android Users Can Enjoy Cartwheel in The Target App Now

ATTENTION! According to the official announcement we can know Target is trying to add ts Cartwheel savings program to the newly imporoved Target app. More details available in the following parts. BTW, as the professional app store optimization services site, can get your app rank top 1 of app store. 

Target app aiming to simplify on-the-go savings for millions of customers. Cartwheel currently has a separate app that will continue to operate in the near future. Target spokesperson Eddie Baeb tells Refinery29 that the standalone Cartwheel app will eventually be "sunsetted," although there's no specific timeframe for doing so.

Target will have a formidable challenge on its hands in getting that many customers to make the switch. Not only will they have to download the Target app, if not already installed, the retailer says that Cartwheel users who signed up with a social account, like Facebook or Google, will have to move to a app in order to port over their existing offers list and lifetime savings to the main app.

Target had also said that other new features, including an in-store map showing your location and the location of Cartwheel deals, as well as mobile payments support will also come to the main app in time. The retailer has been working to bring mobile payments to its app some time this year. But we understand it may need to push that back to early 2018, as the exact deadline is in flux.

To use Cartwheel in the Target app, you'll need to log on to your account, or create one if you don't have one already. Note that if you've been using a social media account like Facebook for Cartwheel, "you'll need to move to a account to make sure your existing offer list and lifetime savings transfer over to the Target app," according to the statement. 

Both iOS and Android users can enjoy Cartwheel in the Target app now. Keep your eyes here for the latest mobile app news. BTW, you can also get top app rank boosting service here. Our professional team won't let you down!  
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